The Meridian Way

At Meridian Health, our vision is to be the best health care system in New Jersey.

In order to fulfill that vision, it is important that we create a "workplace of choice." We believe an organization sends a valuable message to the people it serves through the manner in which it treats its team members.

To ensure our ongoing success, we insist on selecting the best of the best—the highest caliber, most compassionate, committed, and talented individuals to be members of our team. Becoming part of the Meridian Health Family means embracing "The Meridian Way." Our organization requires the commitment of team members who fully embrace our organization's Culture of Excellence and deliver on our Brand Promise to provide the very best Health Care Experience for our guests, patients and fellow team members by meeting specific expectations and following our standards without exception.

Becoming a member of the Meridian TEAM
is an acronym that helps to describe our expectations and conditions for becoming a prospective team member.

Meridian's Partnership "Total Rewards" program includes Pay, Benefits, Work Environment, Work/Life Balance, Learning & Development, and our Culture. These components have been designed to make us a Workplace of Choice while recognizing your contributions to the success of Meridian Health.

If you are offered a position with Meridian Health, your starting rate of pay will be based upon the experience you bring to the position up to the maximum in-hire experience rate of pay level for the job. Thereafter, annual increases are based on your performance that meets or exceeds standards. We provide our team members with competitive salaries by performing periodic salary surveys within our labor market and make adjustments when necessary to fulfill this commitment.

Benefits eligibility is based upon the number of hours you are hired to work on a regular basis. Benefits, such as Health, Life & Long Term Disability Insurance, are effective the first of the month following your date of hire. The effective date for some benefits such as retirement plans will require a longer waiting period.

Learn more about our Partnership "Total Rewards" Program

As the region's most trusted health care provider, Meridian Health operates five hospitals, a children's hospital, and a number of partner companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year–without exception.

When a member of our team fails to meet the expectations of arriving at work on their scheduled day and time, the entire team and its productivity and success suffer. Having reliable, dependable transportation to and from work helps meet the expectation of reporting to work as scheduled and on time.

Depending on your position within Meridian or the campus/company you are assigned to work, team members may be required to work during various shifts, on weekends, holidays and during inclement weather or other emergency situations. In addition, certain departments may have team members standing by or "on-call" in the event of an emergency. On-call status, if applicable, requires that you are reachable by phone or pager and are located within ½ hours traveling time to your work location.

Occasionally, patient emergencies may require team members to stay beyond their scheduled shift. Other emergency situations may require that team members be called into work before their shift, or on their scheduled day off. Our guests, patients, and fellow team members rely on us to be there when needed–without exception.

Our appearance at work represents all of Meridian Health to our guests and patients and immediately suggests to them the level of professionalism, care, and consideration they can expect to receive from Meridian and the people who work here. Likewise, the appearance of our facilities and work environment signifies to guests and patients the type of experience they will encounter.

Everyone has the right to self–expression, and our grooming and attire are powerful ways of establishing a personal image and identity for oneself. The image and identity we are seeking to project is that of Meridian Health–a state of the art, high-quality health care provider that pays attention to details and consistently meets and often exceeds the expectations of our guests and patients. Therefore, grooming, attire, and the presentation of oneself must signify respect and consideration for our guests, patients and each other.

We have prepared guidelines called "The Meridian Look" so that all of our team members know what is expected of them regarding their appearance while on the job. We hope you will find the following summary of these guidelines to be helpful in determining whether you are a right fit for the Meridian Team.

"The Meridian Look" for all Team Members:

  • All team members must show professionalism and good judgment at all times related to appearance. Because Diversity is one our shared values, religious accommodations will be made. The appearance standard is "business" not business casual.
  • Hair must be clean, and have a natural color and style with no extreme dying, bleaching or coloring. Artificial hair is permitted if it looks natural. Hats are not permitted.
  • Footwear and hosiery must be worn, and hosiery must cover the ankle. Shoes must not have heels of more than 3 inches.
  • Clothing must be classic, fit properly (not too tight/too oversized), and be clean. Clothing must not be faded, athletic, casual, or in need of repair. Undergarments should provide full coverage and be of an appropriate color when worn under light garments. Men must wear white crew neck/v-neck undershirts under light colored shirts.
  • Intentional body alterations or modifications, including nose, eyebrow, or tongue piercing, detract from the professional image required and are prohibited. Body painting/tattoos must be covered in the workplace at all times. Good personal and oral hygiene is mandatory for all team members.
  • In addition to the above guidelines, there are specific guidelines for females and males working in clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • For example, fingernails for females in clinical areas cannot be acrylic, must not be more than 1/8 inch above the finger and cannot have nail art. Fingernails for females in non-clinical areas must not be more than 1/4 inch above the finger. In either area, nail colors must be neutral.
  • Earrings are not permitted for males in clinical or non-clinical areas. Facial hair and mustaches are permitted, but must be neatly trimmed. Long hair must be neatly pulled back.
  • Facial hair that may interfere with the integrity of the skin mask seal (respirator) will not be permitted.

Each prospective team member is expected to uphold our Culture of Excellence that we call the "Meridian Way". Our culture centers around five elements that are designed to create the Meridian Difference when providing a Quality Guest/Patient Experience. The five elements include our Language & Symbols, Heritage & Traditions, Shared Values, Quality Standards, and Traits & Behaviors. In order to be a valuable member of the Meridian Health Team, you must share our Vision to be the Best Health Care system in New Jersey, our Mission to Provide for the Health Needs of the Community, and our Values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Balance, and Diversity.

In addition, with respect to our Traits & Behaviors, you must be someone who:

  • Exhibits a passion for excellence
  • Engages in open communication
  • Maintains a positive attitude
  • Possesses a commitment to teamwork
  • Exceeds guest/patient expectations
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Accepts accountability
  • Embraces cultural diversity: 
    Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that elicits the very best from our team members is essential to our continued success at Meridian Health. At Meridian Health, we promote diversity at every level within our organization and believe that employing the very best talent from all groups within the communities in which we live and do business enables us to better serve our patients and their families. Therefore, we define diversity as more than race and gender.

If you would like to be part of a culture and team where excellence is truly the standard, then please take the time to explore the wide range of career opportunities available at Meridian Health.