Florence M. Cook School of Medical Laboratory Science

The Florence M. Cook of Medical Laboratory Science was founded in 1947 when Carlos Pons, M.D., pathologist at Fitkin-Raleigh Hospital, now known as Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and medical technologist Florence M. Cook, undertook the task of training two students at the bench. From that humble inception, our school has grown to be the structured program we have today.

A Personal, Hands-On Educational Experience

The Florence M Cook School of Medical Laboratory Science curriculum consists of an 11-month training program with didactic sessions as well as clinical rotations throughout Jersey Shore University Medical Center's laboratory departments.

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Our school has graduated more than 400 students who have careers at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research labs, information technology, and physicians.

Become a critical member of the health care team

Medical laboratory scientists are critical members of the health care team. They work side by side with other health care professionals performing lab procedures that help determine the causes and cures of diseases. Identifying these causes and cures is done by analyzing samples of body tissues and fluids with sophisticated precision instruments. This rewarding profession requires a broad background in college sciences and in-depth clinical training.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florence M. Cook School of Medical Laboratory Science is to provide a challenging educational program that will prepare students to become competent practitioners — committed to quality patient care, and service to the community.

Vision Statement
We envision each graduate:

  • To embody the ideals of NAACLS '(National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science) Clinical Laboratory Scientist of the Future.
  • To perform as a collaborative member of the health care team, engage in various leadership roles, and serve as an expert resource for the clinical laboratory.
  • To be an advocate and contributor throughout his/her professional career.

We envision the Florence M. Cook School of Medical Laboratory Science:

  • To be a center of excellence through constant improvement and continuous assessments and evaluations.

Value Statement
We are committed to providing a cost-efficient, high quality education focused on achieving professional excellence with personal concern.