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Advanced Practice Nurse Network

The Advanced Practice Nurse Network of Meridian Health believes that Advanced Practice Nurses are health care providers who function autonomously to provide expert quality and comprehensive nursing care to their clients. Advanced Practice Nursing is an umbrella term used to define a registered nurse (RN) who has met advanced educational and clinical practice requirements beyond the basic nursing education provided in generic registered nurse programs. Advanced Practice Nurses (APN's) include Certified Nurse Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Practitioners, and students in these programs who collaborate with a multidisciplinary health care team to provide comprehensive care that is holistic and client centered.

The focus of the Advanced Practice Nurse Network of Meridian Health is the promotion of excellence in patient care through dissemination of information. Knowledge and experience is shared with clients and with other professionals to achieve client centered wellness. The scope of advanced practice nursing is distinguished by the level of autonomy of practice and dominance of nurse initiated regimens within the practice setting. The model of health care is based upon empathy, support, caring, and unconditional positive regard for all clients. Advanced Practice Nurses adhere to the ethical standards of the nursing profession to promote client autonomy, dignity, and self-determination.

Goals of the Advanced Practice Nurse Network

Facilitate the development of policy for advanced practice nursing across Meridian. Promote collaboration among all health care providers. Provide quality educational programs that will promote the delivery of comprehensive care to our clients.

Educate clients, the community, and other health care professionals throughout the Meridian system about the role of Advanced Practice Nursing along the continuum of care. Establish a relationship with NJSNA's Advanced Practice Nurse Forum. Advocate for advanced practice nursing through legislative and policy directed efforts. Offer information, support, guidance, and direction to each other to foster professional growth.

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Educational Offerings

We support the ongoing development of nurses and nursing students to enhance the practitioner, leader, and educator roles and impact patient, institutional, and professional outcomes. This is accomplished by providing a diverse program of educational enrichment opportunities. In response to assessed needs we regularly conduct educational programs, and offer distinguished lecture programs designed to expose nurses to nationally recognized leaders within the profession.

Individual and group educational counseling is provided at each campus to facilitate entry into college programs. We also coordinate the Meridian Health OFFER Program, which allows nursing students to work 24 hours a week, receive full-time salary, benefits, and scholarships to help them achieve their goals.

The Center also provides:

  • A $740,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for the Resource Center for Nursing Career Advancement project. This grant will be used to establish a Resource and Clinical Simulation lab at Ocean Medical Center to aid in the recruitment of individuals into the nursing profession.
  • The C.A.R.E. Program (Clinical Advancement and Recognition of Excellence) to recognize and reward clinical nurses for achieving and demonstrating increased levels of expertise. In addition to the C.A.R.E program for nurses, Meridian offers clinical/career ladders to team members in various other selected job categories to enhance competency and increase compensation.
  • An enhanced formal registered nurse preceptor program called POWER (Precepting Orientees with Effective Results) that focuses on recruitment, orientation and retention. POWER offers a pay differential for qualified RNs for the time they spend in a preceptor role.
  • The SAGE (Sharing and Guiding Experience) Program, a formal mentoring initiative that assists nurses in developing the knowledge and skills needed to meet career goals. SAGE pairs skilled and experienced nurses with new, less experienced nurses and nursing students to foster professional development.
  • A Critical Care Internship Program that assures a positive transition for those students interested in a critical care environment. This six-month orientation for newly graduated Registered Nurses involves didactic education coupled with experience on a Medical/Surgical unit before moving to an additional orientation on a critical care unit.
  • A Master Clinician Program that encourages Master's prepared staff nurses to remain at the bedside while receiving 12 hours release time per week plus financial support to pursue research, design and implement a special project, or find solutions to challenging clinical problems.

For more information please call the Ann May Center at 732-776-2462.

National Certification

National certification is seen as another avenue of professional development and is strongly encouraged for all nurses at Meridian. Nurses who attain national certification are refunded the application fee and rewarded through an hourly wage increase. To assist nurses to achieve national certification, review courses for medical surgical nursing, nursing administration, oncology, orthopedics, and pediatrics are provided onsite. Registration fees also are reimbursed for review courses that are not available on site. 44% of our eligible RN staff is nationally certified in their area of clinical specialty and 60% of the RN staff has achieved recognition on the Clinical Advancement and Recognition of Excellence (CARE) program. This program recognizes and rewards clinical nurses for achieving and demonstrating increased levels of expertise.

Library Collection

The Booker Health Sciences Library at Jersey Shore University Medical Center includes our library collection. Patrons have access to 105 journal titles; 2,000 books; 1,000 audiovisuals; OVID; and CINAHL for searching the nursing and allied health journal literature. The Booker Health Sciences Library provides resources in print, non-print, and electronic formats to meet the information, education, and research needs of the Jersey Shore University Medical Center community, including nurses, students, managers, administrators, team members, other health care professionals, the public, patients, and their families. The Booker Health Science Library is located at Jersey Shore University Medical Center on the 1st Floor of the Booker Pavilion. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information please contact Cathy Boss or Darlene Robertelli at 732-776-4265, or via email at:

Research Activities

Our vision is to engender fundable nursing research projects related to improving patient, institutional, and professional outcomes, as well as disseminating research findings. This will be achieved through fostering the development of clinically-related questions; offering consultation in the areas of research design, methodology, statistical analysis and writing for publication; identifying appropriate funding organizations; producing and editing project proposals; serving as a conduit for research funds; and publicizing research findings through poster and podium presentations and research conferences.