Specialty Scholar Program

Specialty Scholar Program

Specialty Scholars are staff nurses who conduct projects in one of four tracts: research, evidence-based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI), and/or focus on Geriatrics for the purpose of generating new knowledge, implementing best practices, and/or improving current care processes.

Specialty scholars work under the guidance of assigned mentors who have expertise in research, EBP and/or QI to produce measurable outcomes that are disseminated to peers and nursing leadership through formal presentations.

Specialty scholars may bypass other levels of Clinical Advancement & Recognition of Excellence (Clinical Fellow, Clinical Resource, and Clinical Scholar).

• Worked as a nurse for at least two years in a clinical area.
• Agree to carry out components of the role as delineated in each of the MH model of care areas: Practice, Education, Shared Governance, and Research.
• Agree to the responsibilities of a Specialty Scholar as delineated below
• Complete a library session on searching databases
• Complete the Specialty Scholar Core Curriculum

• Continually conduct projects, under the guidance of a mentor
• Lead unit-based teams in completion of project
• Attend a minimum of 50% of council (or special interest group) meetings per year
• Report progress of project at staff meetings, unit-based council meetings, and hospital-wide council/committee meetings
• Maintain timely communication with mentors (including email responses)
• Disseminate project findings yearly in podium or poster presentation
• Maintain specialty specific responsibilities, as indicated below


Submit a completed application as directed (including sign-off by nurse manager) indicating your topic and area of interest. 

Date, time and location of Core Curriculum are:
        o posted in the online education book
        o disseminated to all staff nurses via e-shift
        o posted on the RN CARE web page
• The receipt of the application serves as registration for the Core curriculum
• Candidates are guided by mentors to the appropriate tract (research, EBP, QI, Geriatrics) during the Core Curriculum
• Upon completion of the Core Curriculum, applications are forwarded to the CARE committee for final approval

Access the CARE Program bylaws here
2017 Specialty Scholar application is available now


Interested to see what projects are happening at your campus or in your area of specialization.  Looking for an idea to start a project?  Do you want to collaborate with nurses on other units or campuses? You are welcome to come to any of the scholar meetings to hear what’s happening on your campus or in your area of specialization.

Specialty Scholar Tracts

Quality Improvement


Evidence Based Practice


Tools and Forms

Looking for a document?  All of the documents needed for the Specialty Scholars are here! Applications, project submission, annual updates, Charter templates, and so on. Everything the Specialty Scholar needs to submit or just to help them in the successful completion of their project. Find the tools and forms you need here.

Meetings and Events

You can access a listing of the various meetings and events happening in the Specialty Scholar program, from monthly campus meetings to conferences to the Core Curriculum. 

Quality Scholars

JSUMC: 1st Thursday at 12:00 PM

OMC:  2nd Tuesday at 12:00 PM

RMC: 2nd Tuesday at 12:00 PM

BCH: 3rd Monday at 10:30 AM

SOMC: 2nd Tuesday at 8:00 AM

Reach out to Kathryn Fleming for meeting locations

Geriatric Scholars

Location changes every month: 1st Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM

Reach out to Joan Harvey for meeting location