Specialty Scholar Tracts - Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice

Possesses an inquisitive spirit and a desire to improve nursing care by conducting, implementing, translating and evaluating evidence-based reviews at Meridian Health.

Clinical Practice

  • Promotes evidence-based practice on unit
  • Identifies clinical questions suitable for investigation
  • Demonstrates expert critical thinking


  • Disseminates evidence findings to other staff on unit through in-services, posters, journal clubs, etc.
  • Presents own evidence findings in defined formal forums within Meridian Health. Seeks opportunities to present evidence findings at local, state or national conferences or through publication in peer reviewed journals.
  • Attends one evidenced base related education program per year

Shared Governance

  • Promotes collaboration with interdisciplinary team on evidence projects
  • Active member of EBN Special Interest Council attending at least 50% of meetings.


  • Disseminates current evidence findings to staff and members of the interdisciplinary team.



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