Specialty Scholar Tracts - Geriatrics

Possesses a positive attitude with demonstrated interest in providing excellence in geriatric care. Acts as a role model for other staff by championing geriatric best care practices and protocols, while assisting colleagues and other healthcare workers with geriatric competencies, with an emphasis on improving care and outcomes for the older adult in our healthcare system via Quality Improvement, Evidence Based Practice and/or Research. .

  • Specialty Scholars in Geriatrics must become Gerontological Nurse certified within a year

Clinical Practice

  • Conducts informal monitoring of older adult patients > 65 years of age.
  • Delegates to and partners with Geriatric PCA to improve bedside care of the older adult patient
  • Assists staff in utilizing NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) protocols
  • Communicates using SPICES format to facilitate older adult issues during reports with staff members and rounds with the interdisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrates understanding and use of geriatric assessment tools and teaches other nurses to use them.


  • Disseminates information about older adult care management through a variety of mechanisms including coordination of unit in-services, journal article reviews, and dissemination of NICHE protocols.
  • Identifies the need for and assists in the development of older adult patient education materials.
  • Provides geriatric consultation/support at the bedside and throughout the hospital
  • Encourages PCAs to attend Geriatric PCA training program
  • Encourages Nurses to become certified in their area of practice
  • Attends one care of the older adult educational program per year to enhance self-knowledge.

Shared Governance

  • Promotes collaboration with interdisciplinary team on care of the older adult best practices
  • Active Member of NICHE Council. Facilitates communication between care providers and NICHE Council members.
  • Promotes awareness of community resources for the older adult patient.
  • Participates on unit or hospital wide committees to represent older adult interests and updating policies and procedures related to best care practices


  • Promotes an environment of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) as related to the older adult patient
  • Conducts Research, EBP, or Performance Improvement activities related to care of the older adult
  • Disseminates current research findings to staff and members of the interdisciplinary team.


NICHE Program


Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing