Our Nursing Philosophy

Our Nursing Philosophy

In concert with the Mission, Vision and Beliefs of Meridian Health, the preeminent health system in New Jersey, we, the professional nursing staff in collaboration with the medical staff and other members of the heath care team, provide holistic family and patient-centered care based on each individual's needs. This care embraces a continuum of services and encompasses levels of care in a diversified system, throughout the lifespan, regardless of the patient's health, status, race, gender, age, ethics, geographic, socioeconomic and religious or sexual orientation.

Each nurse has the responsibility to deliver high quality, competent, safe, effective, compassionate, and evidence based collaborative care based on established nursing standards and evidenced based practice. We recognize the responsibility, authority and accountability of the professional nurse for the clinical management of nursing practice. Each member of our nursing staff possesses a core value system practicing in accordance with the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, judgment, confidentiality and respect for human rights, human dignity and diversity.

We are committed to creating a highly reliable culture of quality and safety in order to achieve superior patient outcomes, while sustaining a climate which supports and nurtures the registered nurse and the entire nursing community. We aim to achieve clinical expertise, advancement of education, shared decision making, and ongoing research while fostering the recruitment and retention of nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competency and qualifications. Clinical expertise reflects safe, competent, evidence-based and outcomes-oriented care. It embraces the patients’ values and lifestyles and acknowledges the importance of patient autonomy and patient satisfaction.

We believe continuing education and professional growth are of primary importance for the advancement of the professional nurse with formal recognition of increasingly sophisticated clinical expertise.

We believe excellence in nursing practice is achieved through a shared decision-making approach that promotes the involvement of the professional nurse in all aspects of professional practice and interdisciplinary collaboration. It provides opportunities for nurses at all levels of the organization to have a voice, advocating for the patient and family in clinical and organizational decision-making. Such collaboration contributes to the achievement of organizational outcomes and community well-being resulting in a fiscally responsive environment.

Finally, we believe that innovation can drive change and therefore we will continue to support this by generating new knowledge and making a difference in the practice of nursing by improving patient/family centered care.