Why Choose Us?

We understand the difficult choices and the myriad of questions to consider before choosing a rehabilitation facility. We have compiled a list of questions frequently asked over the years to help our patients and their caregivers make the right choice.

Why choose a hospital-based rehabilitation hospital and not a free-standing rehabilitation hospital or a sub-acute facility?
There are significant advantages of choosing Shore Rehabilitation Institute located on the premises of Ocean Medical Center. The advantage of being hospital-based allows us to effectively and efficiently manage our patients' care and well-being and ensure we can address any ongoing medical and clinical needs as they evolve. Our access to a broad range of medical services and physician specialties offers family member/caregiver's peace of mind that we won't have to transport their loved ones in an ambulance every time they need specialized tests or consultation with the physician. Our hospital-based facility allows us to offer prompt attention and medical management for most medical conditions that would otherwise necessitate transfer to an emergency room if we were free-standing.

What's the difference between a sub-acute rehabilitation facility / nursing home and a rehabilitation hospital such as Shore Rehabilitation Institute?
Most sub-acute facilities are part of a nursing home/long-term care where a specific number of beds are assigned as sub-acute beds. There is a clear distinction between level of services provided at Shore Rehabilitation Institute and "rehabilitation" offered at sub-acute facilities. The distinction lies in the medical management and availability of physicians, specialized certified rehabilitation nurses, case managers coordinating your care, and a dynamic therapy team of physical, occupational, and speech therapy working together to meet the patient's goals.

Shore Rehabilitation Institute is proud to offer individual therapy sessions to our patients. Our one-to-one therapy, totaling up to three hours, is arranged into half hour or one hour sessions based on the patient's tolerance. Furthermore, at Shore Rehabilitation Institute we have a very low registered nurse to patient ratio, whereas in a sub-acute facility, the regulations only require one registered nurse to be present on the premises at any time.

Why not choose a rehabilitation hospital closer to home?
We know there are many choices in the Monmouth and Ocean County for your rehabilitation needs. Our team at Shore Rehabilitation Institute focuses on your recovery, and provides excellent clinical care that results in superior clinical outcomes. We are proud to offer superior level of service and a healing environment in our beautiful facility. We also offer a complete array of rehabilitation services and partner with other Meridian affiliates as needed to meet all the rehabilitation and medical needs of our patients. We are here for you through your rehabilitation journey as you continue to make progress towards your goals.  For example after a stroke or amputation, you may start with our inpatient rehabilitation, then transition to our outpatient therapies. We continue to support your needs by offering the interdisciplinary stroke / amputation clinic, where a physician follows and monitors your progress. We help with adjustment to your lifestyle by offering monthly support group meetings for stroke survivors and people adjusting to loss of limb. We understand the multiple facets of healing and provide resources to help with your healing.

Are there any significant differences in the availability of services between different rehabilitation hospitals, sub-acute and Shore Rehabilitation Institute?
At Shore Rehabilitation Institute we have full-time doctors of physical medicine and rehabilitation and 200 more physicians on staff, a favorable nurse to patients ratio and a high number of registered rehabilitation nurses and highly experienced and skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists, most of whom are specialty trained in the areas of their practice. Our therapists work with you one-on-one which allows us to handle medically compromised patients.

Other Significant Differences at Shore Rehabilitation Institute

  • Full-time Physiatrists on Staff
    Shore Rehabilitation Institute has four full-time physicians on staff, and in the building, every day. Many other centers rely on part-time visiting physiatrists that divide their services among a number of facilities.
  • Physiatrist-led Interdisciplinary Clinics
    At Shore Rehabilitation Institute, we offer multiple interdisciplinary clinics. For example, in our amputation clinic our physiatrists and a prosthetist evaluate the patient together and with the input from a physical therapist, formulate a comprehensive plan of care without the patient having to leave the facility. Our patients are under the care of same doctor from acute onset till long after the recovery, and our physicians work with you to identify and help you achieve your most important goals. This rapport helps our patients achieve their highest functional potential.  
  • Individualized Interdisciplinary Treatment
    Our highly experienced teams' ability to deliver personalized care by combining the best technology and skills with utmost compassion.

Our Facility

  • Brand New Building
    Shore Rehabilitation Institute is located in a building which is only six years old and we take pride in the appearance of our hospital.
  • Private Bathrooms
    Shore Rehabilitation Institute has a fully appointed private bathroom in every room. Some facilities have communal or bathrooms shared among groups of residents. We believe privacy, comfort and dignity are preserved with the small luxury of a private bathroom in each room.
  • Concierge Services
    Our patients and families have access to our full-time concierge services desk. Similar to an upscale hotel, our concierge services are free of charge and our courteous staff can assist with needs and conveniences large and small. 
  • Separate parking lot and entrance from Ocean Medical Center
  • Modern rehabilitation equipment including Bioness, VitalStim, VisiPitch, and Saebo
  • Newest diagnostic technologies including EMG
  • Large open common areas, indoor and outdoor gardens