Inpatient Rehab

Shore Rehabilitation Institute offers highly specialized treatment in a caring environment. Our team's passion is to restore patients to a productive, enjoyable life within their family and community. Our team includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, orthotists, recreational therapists, dietitians, case managers, and a licensed clinical social worker. Our rehabilitation team combines their knowledge and experience with the latest technology to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our inpatient specialty rehabilitation programs consist of:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation
    SRI offers an experienced, exceptional team of stroke rehabilitation professionals who are determined to help all patients reach their highest level of function after stroke. Medical studies have clearly demonstrated that early, vigorous, inter-disciplinary treatment as well as close medical follow-up to prevent future strokes are key to achieving optimal recovery. Our team is dedicated to encourage motor recovery to the affected side to improve functional use. The team of experts at SRI are equipped to provide such medical oversight and the necessary treatments to obtain the best possible recovery for our patients. The team often meets with family members to educate and review progress and provide suggestions for home modifications. Home evaluations are offered to ensure safety in the home environment prior to discharge.

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  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation
    Upon admission to SRI, the team sets up an individualized program to meet the physical and cognitive needs of the patient to achieve the highest level of independence possible. We recognize the critical role of social work in helping the patient and family adjust to the injury. Our certified therapeutic recreation therapists work with the team to assist with community reintegration and re-learning adaptive leisure skills. We also provide neuropsychology/psychology services to address the cognitive and behavioral needs of the patient. The therapy team has specialized certification in brain injury and neurological disorders to help patients maximize recovery.

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  • Driver Rehabilitation
    At SRI, we know one of the most difficult challenges patients face on the road to recovery, after a stroke or brain injury, is regaining the ability to once again drive and safely operate their vehicle. For many patients, driving represents a vital part of their independence and contributes to their emotional well-being and outlook. That is why we have launched a comprehensive driver rehabilitation program, designed to meet the unique needs of disabled individuals while providing them the confidence they need to resume driving.

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  • Rehabilitation Technology
    Our inpatient facility is proud to offer the latest in rehabilitation technology including Saebo flex, Bioness L300 & H200, Vital Stim, limb load monitor, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical stimulation, body weight supported gait devices, biofeedback units, metronome, and assistive technology including wheelchair seating & assessment.

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  • Neurological Rehabilitation
    SRI offers a holistic team approach in treating chronic progressive / non-progressive neurological conditions. We recognize the need to educate patients and families on disease management and improve the patient's quality of life for a successful return to home. Typical neurological diagnoses we treat at our facility include Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Guillan Barre syndrome.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
    Upon admission to SRI, the team sets up an individualized program to meet the physical and emotional needs of the patient to achieve the highest level of function possible. They also evaluate and prescribe assistive technology including customized wheelchair seating and positioning systems, orthotics, and adaptive equipment for patients to achieve independence.
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Our highly trained physiatrists work closely with cardiologists and/or pulmonologists to provide medical management to help the team improve a patient's function. The specialized team may include speech language pathology and/or respiratory therapy.
  • Medically Complex Patient Rehabilitation
    SRI's rehabilitation program is designed to meet the needs of the patients who continue to need careful medical management with an intensive rehabilitation program to restore their function.
  • Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
    Patients admitted to our program may include multiple trauma, fractures, joint replacements, and spinal surgeries. SRI has a dedicated staff of professionals to help the patient restore optimal level of function.
  • Amputee Rehabilitation
    SRI recognizes the physical, emotional, and mental impact of losing a limb and helps individuals relearn basic skills with and without their artificial limb. We offer comprehensive services including pre-prosthetic training, prosthetic management, gait training, and peer mentoring. We are proud to offer our patients an opportunity to participate in an individualized prosthetic and orthotic clinic with the amputee rehabilitation team. Our team includes a board-certified physiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, certified prosthetic and orthotic practitioner, the patient, and their family members. We are affiliated with the Amputee Coalition of America.