Neuro-Rehabilitation Technology Center

Shore Rehabilitation Technology Advantage

The Shore Rehabilitation Institute is proud to offer skilled, compassionate care with cutting edge advanced technology specifically in the realm of neurological rehabilitation. As part of our continued commitment to invest in the most innovative technology, we have dedicated space on site for our Neuro-Rehabilitation Technology Center.

The Neuro-Rehabilitation Technology Center at Shore Rehabilitation Institute is comprised of the most innovative and advanced equipment used for Neuro Rehabilitative services including Reo™ Therapy’s Reo Go™ and Tibion’s Bionic Leg. Reo Go™ is one of the most advanced robotic systems for upper limb therapy; designed to facilitate three-dimensional repetitive arm movements through the use of an advanced, fully motorized robotic arm. The system is suited for a wide variety of patients in all stages of stroke recovery, offering five modes of operation ranging from passive support for highly functional patients to guided motion for cases with little or no arm mobility. Tibion’s Bionic Leg is a powered, assistive device for lower extremity that enhances rehabilitation therapy, supplements muscle strength and function, and provides mobility assistance for activities of daily living.

Our rehabilitation team is able to provide excellent care to patients with neurological impairments because of the highly specialized training that is provided in the use of advanced equipment including Bioness NESS L300 foot drop system, Bioness NESS H200® hand rehab system, SaeboFlex, Dynavision D2™, LiteGait®, VitalStim®, and Visi-Pitch.

For information on each of these technologies, please click here to download a printable fact sheet including the description and patient benefits for each advanced piece of equipment used at Shore Rehabilitation Institute.

To watch a short clip on the Neuro-Rehabilitation Technology Center, click on the video below.