Stroke Program

Shore Rehabilitation Institute (SRI) offers an experienced, exceptional team of stroke rehabilitation professionals who are determined to help all patients reach their highest level of function after stroke. Medical studies have clearly demonstrated that early, vigorous, inter-disciplinary treatment, as well as close medical follow-up to prevent future strokes, are the keys to achieving optimal recovery. The team of experts at SRI are equipped to provide such medical oversight and the necessary treatments to obtain the best possible recovery for our patients.

Stroke recovery at SRI begins when you are referred to our inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program and continues after you have been discharged from SRI. Post-discharge, we continue to offer support to ensure your successful transition into the community and match you with either an on-site or off-site support groups.

Our team's passion is to restore stroke survivors to a productive, enjoyable life within their family and community. Our team includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, orthotists, recreation therapists, dietitians, case managers, and social workers. Our stroke rehabilitation team combines their knowledge and experience with the latest technology to achieve optimum outcomes.

Our physicians specialize in rehabilitation of individuals with strokes and other neurological injuries and are board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They oversee each patient's treatment plan and coordinate medical management, including communicating with the primary care doctor and/or neurologist as needed. They closely monitor the patient's progress and prescribe treatments that will promote the highest level of brain recovery in the shortest time. In the outpatient setting, they continue to shape your ongoing recovery.

Our certified rehab nurses deliver comprehensive holistic care to patients and their families. They assist in the medical management of our stroke patients and are expert teachers, advocates, and motivators who have a 24-hour-a-day understanding of patients' needs and abilities. Our nurses provide critical information to the rest of the treatment team about fluctuations in the patient's symptoms and overall health. They offer physical and emotional support and are liaisons between the patients, families and the rehabilitation team.

We offer an individualized interdisciplinary approach in the treatment of residual effects of a stroke. Our therapy team includes physical therapy to enhance motor recovery and refine motor control, occupational therapy to improve activities of daily living, speech therapy to manage swallowing, feeding, & improve communication strategies and recreation therapists to re-learn adaptive recreational skills. Each discipline offers unique skills and expertise to address the individual needs of the stroke survivor. Our rehabilitation team has in-depth knowledge, specialized training and experience in the treatment and evaluation of stroke. Our goal is to help the patient achieve the highest level of function possible combining compassion with technical expertise.

Our physical and occupational therapists have received training and/or certifications to promote the use of the weaker arm or leg and encourage functional independence by finding strategies or adaptive tools to perform tasks with a maximum level of independence. The team helps to educate family members on strategies to increase carryover of training, provide in-house referrals for orthotics, when necessary, and improve safety in the patient's environment.

Our speech therapists use highly specialized skills combined with state-of-the-art technology, such as VitalStim, to help improve swallowing, improve language and cognitive skills with use of Visipitch and improve communication.

Shore Rehabilitation Institute is proud to offer the functional tone management system (F.T.M.) in conjunction with Saebo to improve recovery of the arm after stroke.

We are a clinical center for excellence for the Bioness L 300 and H 200, Neuroprosthetic and Rehab program to improve foot drop and arm function after stroke.

Psychology/neuropsychology services are available upon referral and are critical components in addressing the emotional adjustment following a stroke. We offer counseling services for patients and family members to cope with post-stroke adjustments and cope with functional loss. Our team includes a licensed clinical social worker who helps the patient with transitionally into the community along the continuum of care.

The team at SRI communicates continuously with stroke survivors and their family members about post-stroke adjustments in work, leisure, intimacy, and family responsibilities.

Stroke presents a major financial challenge in the short and long term. While dealing with the crisis of stroke, patients and families must also address complex issues of insurance, financial planning, vocational rehabilitation, and planning for health care needs at home or in a supervised facility. Our case managers and social worker are skilled in negotiating the maze of insurance and disability benefits and community resources. They provide behind-the-scenes, practical assistance so that patients and families can focus their energy on the recovery process. They work to identify appropriate follow-up care and available resources to make the transition home or to a new living environment smooth and successful.

We invite you to contact us to find out more about our Stroke Recovery Program.