Hannah Banana Foundation Delivers Smiles to Riverview Medical Center

Contact:Tom Paolella, Public Relations Manager

Hannah Banana Foundation Delivers Smiles to Riverview Medical Center

The Hannah Banana Foundation brightens the lives of chronically ill, hospitalized and terminally ill patients by giving therapeutic gifts such as art supplies, toys, journals and activity-oriented books directly to patients while they are in care. With Hannah "Banana" Prisand's upbeat attitude, optimistic outlook, and childlike character as an inspiration, the Hannah Banana Foundation embraces her positive energy and aims to bring some fun to long, bleak days in the hospital.

The Hannah Banana Foundation was started by Dr. Prisand and their daughter Arin Amanda Prisand in memory of Hannah Prisand, who had cancer most of her life and spent a lot of time at Riverview Medical Center. The Hannah Banana Foundation gives to thousands of adult patients at leading New York and New Jersey hospitals. They also give white boards, markers, and erasers to Intensive Care and Ear, Nose, and Throat patients, so they may communicate with their loved ones after surgeries or while they are on ventilators and their ability to speak is compromised.

Dr. Gary Prisand, husband of the late Hannah Prisand, delivered 15 boxes to Riverview Medical Center filled with word finds, adult coloring books, pens, markers, journals, bookmarks, and playing cards. These items were used to make up more than 200 bags to be given out to cancer patients at the Jane H. & John Marshall Booker Cancer Center, or any patient that need a little cheering up.

In addition to the goodie bags, Dr. Prisand also presented Riverview with two copies of "Dance Backwards," Hannah "Banana" Prisand's book of children's poetry to share with our patients.

To learn more about the Foundation visit: http://www.hannahbananafoundation.org/inspiration.