Jersey Shore University Medical Center Implants First MRI-Safe Pacemaker in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Contact:Robert Cavanaugh, Public Relations Manager

Jersey Shore University Medical Center Implants First MRI-Safe Pacemaker in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Jersey Shore University Medical Center's Heart Rhythm Center was home to the first implantation of a MRI-Safe Pacemaker in Monmouth and Ocean counties earlier this week. Conducted by cardiologist, Ihab Girgis, M.D., the procedure marked an important advancement in bringing safer diagnostic treatments to individuals' with pacemakers. The Revo MRIT SureScanR pacemaker, produced by MedTronic, used in the procedure is the first pacing system designed, tested and FDA-approved for use with magnetic resonance imaging.

Pacemakers are small devices implanted by subspecialists in cardiology called electrophysiologists, and used to help control abnormal heart rhythms. During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm, and pacemakers help control the electrical pulses to help the heart beat at a normal rate and allow proper blood flow to the rest of the body. These are implanted in the upper left chest, just under the skin, with one or two insulated wire leads connecting to the heart. Since powerful magnets can cause pacemakers to function improperly, almost all cardiovascular patients with these devices have been unable to undergo common diagnostic tests with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is an important imaging tool used for conditions a patient may face later in life such as back problems or cancer.

View our video of Ihab Girgis, M.D., speaking about this importance advance in diagnostic treatments for individuals with pacemakers.

As part of Meridian CardioVascular Network, Jersey Shore University Medical Center is the only hospital in the region licensed to perform a number of electrophysiology procedures. It has one of the largest programs in New Jersey with a number of advanced treatment options available such as implantable cardioverter- defibrillaters, robotics technology and laser lead extraction that are not done elsewhere in the area. Developed by Medtronic, the Revo MRI SureScan pacing system has been designed to address safety concerns around MRI procedures for patients who have implanted pacemakers.The Revo MRI pacing system, when programmed into the device's SureScan mode prior to an MRI scan, is designed to be used safely with MRI scans. The pacing system includes hardware modifications to the device and leads that are designed to reduce or eliminate several hazards produced by the MRI environment.

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