Emergency Department Wait Times Now Available Online

Contact:Donna Sellmann, Manager, Public Relations

Emergency Department Wait Times Now Available Online

Ocean Care Center in Point Pleasant updates wait times every 15 minutes

Emergency departments often receive criticism for having long wait times, which can occur when there are large numbers of patients and varying severity of illness or injury.

The Ocean Care Center in Point Pleasant - a 24/7 satellite emergency department at the intersection of Routes 88 and 35 South, run by Ocean Medical Center -prides itself on having quick turn around times, with most visits taking about 80 minutes from arrival to discharge. Now they are taking things one step further and providing the community with valuable information that may help with decision making, even before arriving for treatment.

By logging onto www.OceanCareCenter.com, people can see the current wait time at Ocean Care Center. This represents the amount of time someone may wait from the time they arrive at the care center, to the time they are brought into a treatment room to begin evaluation.

"The time is an average number and is updated every 15 minutes," says Bradley Pulver, M.D., medical director of emergency services for the Ocean Care Center and Ocean Medical Center. He notes that the public should keep in mind that life-threatening emergencies are seen immediately, and that the times are approximate; a surge of patients can affect the wait times at any given point.

In addition to having the wait times easily accessible on the website, they are also posted on a LED message board at the care center's entrance. Anyone driving by can tell what the status is at a quick glance.

"The feedback has been excellent," says Mary Beth Kady, nurse manager of the Ocean Care Center. "Local residents are referencing the information, and we have even had a few people come from northern New Jersey. One patient told us that hospitals in her area had waits well over six hours. She saw that the Ocean Care Center had a 15 minute wait time, drove down to the shore, was treated, and headed back home in less time then it would have taken at her overcrowded local hospital."

As a satellite emergency department, Ocean Care Center is staffed by emergency physicians, registered nurses and radiology technicians. These experts treat minor emergencies such as broken bones, sprains, cuts requiring stitches, burns, and stomach ailments. It is important to note that if you have chest pain or other serious, life threatening problems, call 911 immediately.

To learn more about Ocean Care Center, call 732-295-6377 or visit www.OceanCareCenter.com for wait times, services, and a virtual tour.