The Many Doctor Morgans

Contact:Maureen Gillespie, Manager, Public Relations

The Many Doctor Morgans

Meridian medical legacy is established by local prominent doctor and his six physician sons

On June 15, Jersey Shore University Medical Center hosted a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012 medical residents. This year's residency program featured a particularly talented field of 48 future physicians, and it also marked a very special milestone for graduate Benjamin Morgan, M.D., and the entire Morgan Family. Dr. Ben Morgan has the unique distinction of becoming the sixth "Dr. Morgan" affiliated with Meridian Health.

The family's medical legacy, initiated by patriarch Harold C. Morgan, M.D., was sealed when Dr. Ben Morgan, the second to youngest brother, graduated from the residency program and joined his siblings as practicing physicians in the Monmouth & Ocean Counties area.

As the newest "Dr. Morgan of Meridian," Dr. Ben Morgan joins father Harold C. Morgan, M.D., and brothers Aaron Morgan, M.D., Allen Morgan, M.D., Daniel Morgan, M.D., the late David Morgan, M.D., and Steven Morgan, M.D. The family also has a special focus on Obstetrics & Gynecology - with father Dr. Harold Morgan and four of the six brothers choosing to specialize in that field. Dr. Allen Morgan focuses on infertility medicine and Dr. Aaron Morgan practices dermatology.

Always an inspiration to his family, Dr. Harold Morgan has enjoyed a long and storied career as a prominent physician on the Jersey shore. He started his practice in 1967 at what is now Ocean Medical Center. He was a pioneer in Obstetrics & Gynecology, and one of the first physicians to open a practice specializing in that field. Dr. Harold Morgan was also appointed as General of the New Jersey Air National Guard during a service career that spanned four decades. Although Dr. Morgan retired from his practice in 1999, he remains an active physician and volunteers in areas affected by natural disaster, including Australia, New Zealand and Haiti.

According to Dr. Steven Morgan, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Ocean Medical Center, "My father is an inspiration to all of us - he's a committed physician who practiced at Ocean Medical Center for 34 years and now volunteers in distressed areas. When we were children, my dad would take us kids to visit the ER and the hospital during summer breaks and weekends. We were raised to appreciate the significance of serving others through a career in medicine."

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