2013 Meridian Health Research Day Showcases Original Medical Research

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2013 Meridian Health Research Day Showcases Original Medical Research

June 11, Meridian Health held Research Day - an annual event that showcases original medical research studies from Meridian Health's physicians, medical residents, and clinical experts. Jersey Shore University Medical Center hosted the event, which attracted both health care professionals and the local community.

Research Day is an annual event that provides opportunities for health care professionals affiliated with Meridian Health to present original research studies and vignettes to the academic and professional communities. It is conducted to enable health care professionals to maintain proficiency in evaluating critical scientific data, and to promote and present examples of practice-based learning.

Event guests viewed visual displays of research findings, interacted with researchers, and toured the new Meridian Health Clinical Research Center at Jersey Shore. Research Day concluded with a keynote address delivered by John I. Gallin, M.D., Director, NIH Clinical Center, as well as an awards and presentation ceremony, which honored distinguished submissions.

"Meridian Health Research Day attracted nearly 100 high-caliber case reports and original research abstracts from Meridian Health experts this year," says Ernest W. Richards, PhD, FACN, Corporate Director of Meridian Health Research Services. "Clinical Research is an essential component of the health care continuum that enables Meridian to provide the community with access to novel therapies and cutting-edge treatment and diagnostic possibilities."

Meridian Research Day 2013 Award Winners

Original Research Oral Presentations

1st Place: The Impact of Rapid Diagnostic Tests on Vancomycin Exposure in Patients with BloodCultures Positive for Gram-Positive Cocci in Clusters. Dipal Soni, PharmD [1]; Victor M. Johnson, MA [2]; Yen-Hong Kuo, PhD [2]; Albert Rojtman, M.D. [3]; Saira Chaudhry, PharmD, MPH [1,4]. Department of Pharmacy [1], Department of Research Services [2], and Department of Pathology [3], Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, NJ; Department of Pharmacy Practice [4], Ernest Mario School Of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ.

2nd Place: Forced Expiratory Flow between 25% and 75% of Vital Capacity in Pediatric Asthma. Gurpreet Phull, M.D. [1]; Charles Dadzie, M.D. [1]; Nader Nakhleh, D.O. [1]; Steven Kairys, M.D. [1]; Anna Petrova, M.D., Ph.D., MPH [1, 2]. Department of Pediatrics, Jersey Shore [1]; UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School [2].

3rd Place: tPA for Pulmonary Embolism: Is Intra-Arterial Administration Associated with a Delay in Administration? Timothy Fusiak, D.O; John Mikhail, M.D.; and Michael P. Carson, M.D., Department of Medicine, Jersey Shore.

Honorable Mentions:

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is the Preferred Approach in Cirrhosis: a Nationwide, Population-Based Study. David K Chmielecki, M.D.; Ellen J Hagopian, M.D.; Yen-Hong Kuo, Ph.D.; Yen-Liang Kuo, M.D.; John M Davis, M.D., FACS. 2012 Dec.;14 (12):848-53. Epub 2012 Oct. 17. Department of Surgery, Jersey Shore.

FACULTY PRESENTATION: Sensitivity and Specificity of CT Scan and Angiogram for Ongoing Internal Bleeding Following Torso Trauma. Nasim Ahmed, M.D., FACS; Daniel Kassavin, M.D.; Yen-Hong Kuo, Ph.D.; Rajiv Biswal, M.D. Emergency Medicine J. Epub 2012 April 13. Department of Surgery, Jersey Shore.

Original Research Poster Presentations

1st Place: Laparoscopic versus Open Liver Resection: A Meta-Analysis of Long-Term Outcome. Kevin Ryan Parks, BA [1, 2], Yen-Hong Kuo PhD, [2, 3]. John Mihran Davis M.D. [1, 2] Brittany O'Brien [1] and Ellen J Hagopian, M.D. [1, 2]. Department of Surgery, Jersey Shore [2]. Department of Surgery, UMDNJ/RWJMS. [3] Office of Academic Affairs, Jersey Shore.

2nd Place: Association between Cerebrospinal Fluid Pathology and Brain Imaging Findings in Children with Facial Nerve Palsy Related to Lyme Disease? Viola Cheung, D.O. [1]; Ruth Kanthula, M.D., MPH [1]; Aswine Bal, M.D., MPH [1, 2]; Anna Petrova, M.D., PhD, MPH [1, 2]. [1] Department of Pediatrics, Jersey Shore. [2] Department of Pediatrics, UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School [2].

3rd Place:
Does Stress Testing Before Elective Hip Fracture Surgery Increase Length Of Stay And/Or Alter Patient Management? Velair Walton, M.D. [1]; Elizabeth Gadziala, BS [2]; Michael P. Carson, M.D. [1]. [1] Department of Medicine, Jersey Shore. [2] Axelrod Research Group, Office of Clinical Research, Jersey Shore.

Case Report Poster Presentations

1st Place: A 12 Month Old with Tremors - Case of "Mis-Shaken" Identity. Harmanpreet Chawla, M.D., Paul Schwartzberg, M.D., Nader Nakhleh, D.O., Beth Loveridge-Lenza, D.O, Cathleen Ballance, M.D., Richard Sultan, M.D.. Srividya Naganathan, M.D., Department of Pediatrics, Jersey Shore.

2nd Place: Is that my Brain Causing my Belly to Ache? Sonam Verma, M.D.[1], Rose St. Fleur M.D.[ 1], Matthew MacCarrick, M.D. [2], Richard Sultan, M.D. [3], Aswine Bal, M.D. [4]. [1] Department of Pediatrics, [2] Pediatric Intensive Care Unit [3] Department of Pediatric Neurology [4] Department of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Jersey Shore.

3rd Place: Acute Non-Reversible Renal Failure Secondary to Dimethylamylamine Ingestion. Janaki Patel, M.D., Sushil Mehandru, M.D. Department of Medicine, Jersey Shore.