iMPak Health Collaborates with Qualcomm to Transform Medication Management with BluetoothR SmartT Innovation

Contact:Robert Cavanaugh, Manager of Public Affairs for Meridian Health
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iMPak Health Collaborates with Qualcomm to Transform Medication Management with BluetoothR SmartT Innovation

New connected medication compliance solution announced at HIMSS 2014

iMPak Health announced today its collaboration with Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, to bring seamless connectivity capabilities to its mobile medication management solution, Kraken. One of the first Bluetooth SmartT-enabled ergonomically designed medication management solutions, Kraken assists in organization and tracking complex, multi-pill daily regimens. The Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) device will integrate with Qualcomm Life's 2net Hub and Platform to enable medication adherence data to be seamlessly transmitted from a patient's Kraken system to a health care professional or caregiver, improving health for aging patients while reducing the cost burden on our health care system.

Non-compliance with medication regimens is a major driver of additional health care expenditures. In fact, the New England Healthcare Institute estimates $290 billion could be avoided in heath expenditures from improved compliance with medication regimens.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Qualcomm Life to offer a low-cost and user-friendly solution to help patients go beyond just coping with chronic conditions and empower them to proactively manage their health. Qualcomm Life's 2net technology solves the critical problem of connectivity and interoperability in wireless health," said Sandra Elliott, Executive Director of iMPak Health.

"Many older patients have more than one chronic condition and many medications. It can become confusing and difficult for these patients to stay compliant with their mediation regimens without tools that can help organize and remind them to take their medications. As a result, they are often at a high risk for readmission," states Dr. Carol Ash, Hospitalist and Intensivist, Meridian Health.

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