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These tests can be used to help diagnose a brain tumor:

  • Neurological exam – This exam may include checking your vision, hearing, balance, coordination, and reflexes to provide information about the part of your brain that might be affected.
  • Imaging tests - Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scans are some of the most commonly used test to help diagnose brain tumors.


Treatment of a brain tumor depends on a patient's physical health and the size, location and type of tumor. For those with brain tumors, sometimes a clinical trial is an option. Learn More


If the brain tumor is accessible for surgery, your surgeon will work to remove as much of the tumor as possible. In most cases, even removing a small portion of the brain tumor may help reduce symptoms.

In some cases, tumors are small and simple to separate from surrounding tissue, which makes complete tumor removal possible. In other cases, tumors can't be separated from surrounding tissue or they're located near areas in the brain which can make surgery precarious. In most of these instances, the surgeon will remove as much as they can.

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What is Cyberknife®?
A painless, non-invasive robotic radiosurgery system used for treating benign and malignant tumors. CyberKnife is able to target difficult to reach or inoperable tumors, without an incision or use of a scalpel. 
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How can Cyberknife be used to treat brain cancer?
Stereotactic radiation therapy is a radiation treatment technique in which high doses of radiation are delivered using very precise beams or a moving beam of radiation focused on the tumor. The beam(s) are very narrow, so that a very high amount of radiation is delivered to a precise area in the brain. The aim is to use such a high dose that the tumor is destroyed, while sparing healthy tissue. The radiation from the CyberKnife machine is the same type used in standard external beam radiation machines.

TrueBeam ™ Linear Accelerator

What is the TrueBeam Linear Accelerator?
TrueBeam™ is an advanced image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system used to treat cancer with speed and accuracy while avoiding healthy tissues and organs. This most advanced technology, offered at Meridian Cancer Care, is one of two in the state of New Jersey.

TrueBeam offers treatment suited for specific cancer and personalized needs.

How can TrueBeam be used to treat brain cancer?
TrueBeam rotates around the body to deliver radiation therapy from almost any angle. The system provides real-time imaging, which allows the physician to direct doses of radiation with greater accuracy. At the same time, TrueBeam’s respiratory gating technology gives the physician the ability to synchronize radiation beams with your breathing. The respiratory gating also protects any nearby organs and healthy tissues from unnecessary radiation.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams, such as X-rays or protons, to kill tumor cells. Radiation therapy can come from a machine outside your body (external beam radiation), or, in very rare cases, radiation can be placed inside your body close to your brain tumor (brachytherapy). 
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Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer or to slow down their growth. 
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