Nutrition is an important part of your well-being during and after cancer treatment, and the following resources can help you get started - and maintain - the healthy diet plan essential to full recovery.

Choose My Plate/USDA

Registered Dieticians by Appointment
Available by appointment at various Meridian Life Fitness Facilities, located in Ocean and Monmouth Counties; Manahawkin, Hazlet, Jackson, and our newest club in Brick. 

Physical Therapy and Lymphedema Therapy
Meridian Outpatient Rehabilitation at various locations in Monmouth and Ocean counties. 

Meridian Life Fitness/Health Club Facilities
Full service health club facilities located in Monmouth and Ocean counties; Manahawkin, Hazlet, Jackson, and our newest club in Brick. 

Free twelve week, small group exercise program designed for cancer survivors 18 years and older who want to regain their health after having become de-conditioned and fatigued from treatment. Program participants must receive medical clearance to participate. Call 732.741.2504, ext. 210 or e-mail

Seas It: Cancer Recovery Through Recreation
Offers grants for both patients and caregivers, in order for them to connect to recreational activities that puts the focus on health and positivity, and staying in control while fighting cancer.

Fresh Start© Tobacco Cessation Program 
Meridian Health facilitators run the American Cancer Society’s Fresh Start© program, at various times during the year, at various locations within Meridian Health. Call 1-800-DOCTORS to register at a location nearest you.

Thomas Bauer, M.D., Medical Director, Thoracic Oncology, Meridian Health discuss how diet can help support your health and wellbeing during and after cancer treatment.

Wellness Resources

    • Cancer Health Library

      Cancer Health Library

      With information on everything from nutrition to genetics, a wealth of information awaits patients, survivors and their families here.

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    • Take a Vacation from Cancer

      Take a Vacation from Cancer

      From time to time, you may benefit from taking a respite from your cancer diagnosis, even if you can't leave your illness completely behind.

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    • Nutrition and Cancer Quiz

      Nutrition and Cancer Quiz

      What effect does diet have on your risk for cancer? Find out by taking this quiz, based in part on information from the American Cancer Society.

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