Cyberknife Treatment Options

Treatment Options


One challenge to treating lung cancer is that the tumor can move as a patient breathes. With CyberKnife, patients can breathe normally during the treatments – getting an accurate dose of radiation therapy directly to the tumor site – while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

The XSight Lung Tracking System

The XSight Lung Tracking System is an addition to CyberKnife technology, which allows the radiation therapy team to directly track tumors, using the body's soft tissue during treatment. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Provides a treatment alternative for medically inoperable patients
  • Intelligently tracks, detects, and corrects for tumor movement with continual image guidance throughout treatment
  • Dynamically tracks targets that move with respiration
  • Allows patients to breathe normally – no complex gating or painful breath-holding techniques

Lung Optimized Treatment (LOT)

Lung Optimized Treatment is an enhancement to the CyberKnife system that offers a powerful, non-invasive approach to. This cutting-edge technology enables physicians to treat lung cancer tumors without surgically implanting fiducial markers in a patient to track the tumor and deliver targeted radiation therapy. Instead, the technology uses cameras and medical imaging to determine the tumor location in real time and ensure the CyberKnife remains locked on target.


One in every six men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. CyberKnife offers a low-risk alternative to men who fear experiencing erectile dysfunction or incontinence, provided neither of these conditions existed prior to CyberKnife treatment.

The CyberKnife system’s sub-millimeter accuracy allows a high dose of radiation to the treat the prostate gland, while sparing the surrounding rectum and bladder – because only a fraction of the beams will pass through any point in those normal structures.


CyberKnife was originally designed as a type of stereotactic therapy for brain tumors. The CyberKnife system allows physicians to treat brain tumors by dividing treatment into several sessions – lowering the risk of damage to critical areas of the brain and surrounding tissue.

While undergoing treatment for brain or spinal cancer, radiation therapy historically called for invasive, uncomfortable head-holding frames. CyberKnife allows for a much more comfortable treatment experience.


Studies show the growth of pancreatic tumors in patients with advanced disease has been controlled by CyberKnife radiation treatment without damaging surrounding tissue – including the bowels, kidneys, and liver.

CyberKnife’s guided technology and respiratory tracking system eliminates that problem. It enables the radiation beam to track tumor movement in real time as patients breathe normally, always staying on target, delivering the highest dose of radiation possible, and destroying the tumor without harming healthy surrounding tissue.


Treating liver cancer with radiation therapy can be challenging, because liver tumors move as a patient breathes. Surrounding tissue around the liver tumor is also very sensitive and can be damaged easily.

CyberKnife delivers high doses of radiation to both primary and metastatic liver tumors with pinpoint accuracy – working with its Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System, which enables the radiation beam to track tumor movement in real time, and enables patients to breathe normally during their treatment sessions. Doctors can target the liver tumor, and deliver radiation without harming the sensitive surrounding tissue.


CyberKnife radiation therapy can be used to treat persistent head and neck cancers – even after conventional radiation.

CyberKnife uses computers and imaging tools to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor and uses the Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System to track movement of the tumor even when a patient is breathing.

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