Dialysis at Meridian HealthOur Dialysis Centers provide hemodialysis life support for patients newly diagnosed with kidney failure and maintenance treatments for patients with chronic kidney failure. With our skilled staff and state-of-the-art dialysis machines, Meridian’s Dialysis Centers aim to provide the life-sustaining treatments and technology necessary for our patients to enjoy comfortable and fulfilling lives.

Wellness Resources

    • Kidney Disorders

      Kidney Disorders

      Many disorders of the kidney require clinical care by a physician or other health care professional.

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    • Understanding Kidney Cancer

      Understanding Kidney Disease

      Too often, diabetes leads to kidney disease. But it doesn't have to. When kidney problems are caught early, you can take steps to prevent more serious kidney disease.

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    • How Much do You Know About Dialysis

      How Much Do You Know About Dialysis?

      The kidney's main job is to get rid of excess fluid and waste material in your blood. Kidneys damaged by disease, injury, or birth defects lose their filtering ability, and dangerous levels of fluid and waste accumulate.

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    • Medical Day Stay

      Medical Day Stay

      Meridian Health’s Medical Day Stay offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to meet a variety of patient needs, as well as access to other services and amenities not found at standalone health care facilities.

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    • Laboratory Services

      Laboratory Services

      Meridian Laboratory Services provides a one-stop experience when it comes to having lab work completed.

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    • Diabetes

      Diabetes Management

      People with diabetes have more options than ever before for controlling their elevated blood sugars.

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