Emma Stafford

Emma Stafford, Integrative Nurse Practitioner


Emma StaffordEmma Stafford is a board certified adult holistic nurse practitioner whose extensive clinical experience has deepened her commitment and dedication to the principals of integrative health. She began her nursing career as a registered nurse in the emergency department of JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey. After completing her Master’s degree in Nursing at Rutgers University, Emma continued her career as a nurse practitioner at Atlantic Cardiology in Neptune. Her journey to integrative health started when she attended BirchTree Institute for HealthCare Transformation and became an Advanced Board Certified Holistic Nurse. Emma is clinically trained and certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and in stress management through the Heartmath program . She began to ‘integrate’ her cardiology practice by counseling her patients on the benefits of whole food nutrition and teaching HeartMath as a daily stress management practice. More recently, Emma studied at the Institute of Functional Medicine where the focus is on the causes of chronic diseases. Emma started with Meridian Health in 2013 in the Palliative Care Journey program and is currently the Nurse Practitioner for the Integrative Health and Medicine Center, an out- patient facility at the Jackson Health Village.