Medicare Wellness Visits

Medicare covers the cost of a Welcome to Medicare and Annual Wellness Visit with your provider.* These visits are designed to encourage a dialogue between you and your provider to create a complete and personal family health history and to prevent future health problems through personalized care plans. This comprehensive approach creates a proactive strategy to better manage your health and wellness. To find out more information about the details of your annual wellness visit, you can register for informative educational videos.

Welcome to Medicare Visit

The Welcome to Medicare Visit is a one-time only initial preventative exam offered only within the first 12 months of your enrollment to Medicare. It is conducted by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant, and consists of a limited physical exam, establishment of a plan of care, and discussion of preventative screenings that you need. You can also discuss your advanced care planning wishes with your provider at this visit.

Annual Wellness Visit

The Annual Wellness Visit is a preventative wellness visit that is covered by Medicare once every 12 months. This visit, also conducted by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant, is to update your plan of care and to re-address any preventative screenings you may be due for. You can also discuss your advanced care planning wishes with your provider at this visit.

It is important to note that only one wellness visit will be covered by Medicare every 12 months, therefore if another provider offers you this service you must select the provider you wish to schedule this appointment with.

*The cost of the Welcome to Medicare Visit and the Annual Wellness Visit are both covered by Medicare. Medicare waives both the coinsurance or copayment and the Medicare Part B deductible for Annual Wellness Visits; however, if your provider does further testing or addresses additional concerns outside the scope of the wellness visit, there may be a deductible or coinsurance/copayment charge. For more information, please visit

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