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Get in line before you leave the house!

Spend less time in our waiting room by scheduling your arrival time. The last place you want to be when you are sick is the waiting room. Now, with a simple click, you can select and reserve a time slot with one of our physicians that is convenient and works with your schedule.

Please keep in mind that your time slot is a reservation only. Due to unanticipated emergencies, some patients may not be seen in the order they arrived. You will be notified by a text message of estimated wait times. If you experience any life threatening symptoms please call 911.


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Wellness Resources

    • When to Call 911

      When to Call 911, Your Doctor, or the Hospital

      When a medical emergency occurs, it's not always easy to think clearly. But a crisis means that you need to act quickly.

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    • How to Stay Out of the ER

      How to Stay Out of the ER

      We can all help reduce the complications of this by visiting the ER only when we have an urgent medical problem.

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    • First Aid Emergency Quiz

      First Aid/Emergency Quiz

      Test your knowledge of first aid by taking this quiz.

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    • Emergency Medicine

      Emergency Medicine

      Designed to provide extraordinary care and comfort the moment you arrive, emergency treatment at Meridian Health hospitals and care centers promises unmatched care and cutting-edge technology in a calm, comfortable healing environment.

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    • Meridian Urgent Care

      Meridian Urgent Care

      For life's little emergencies and those times when you can't wait to get better, Meridian Urgent Care is here to get you back on the fast track to recovery. Offering extended hours and weekend availability, Meridian Urgent Care is here when you need us the most.

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    • Ocean Care Center

      Ocean Care Center

      Ocean Care Center, located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing similar capabilities as a hospital-based emergency department.

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