RediClinic Time of Service Pricing

We also accept cash, personal checks, debit cards and credit cards at time of service.

Treatments for Minor Illnesses

· Respiratory Conditions
· Head, Ear and Eye Conditions
· Skin, Hair and Nail Conditions
· Digestive and Urinary Conditions
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Vaccinations needed for children going to school, travelling abroad to a foreign country or preventative vaccinations such as flu or pneumococcal vaccines.
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Tests & Services

Tests and services include a wide range of offerings including strep instant test, throat cultures, pink eye tests, mono tests, steroid injections and nebular breathing treatments.
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Physicals for school, sports, youth camps or basic annual physicals.
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Men's & Women's Health Screenings

Include a wide range of tests and screenings to monitor your health including Cholesterol, glucose, thyroid and liver function.
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Travel Healthy Services

We provide vaccinations and prescriptions needed for travel abroad to a foreign country so that you can enjoy your vacation without getting sick!
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